What is the Miss Amazing Pageant?
The Miss Amazing Pageant is a program that gives girls and young women with disabilities the opportunity to build self-confidence in a supportive environment.

Who can participate in the Miss Amazing Pageant?
Any girl or woman who meets the definition of disability under the government laws and acts defining a disability (Disability Discrimination Act 1995: “A person has a disability for the purposes of this Act if he has a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term adverse effect on his ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.”) is eligible to participate in a Miss Amazing Pageant.

The program is broken up into seven age divisions ranging from ages 5 and older:

Ages 5 – 9: Rising Star
Ages 10 – 12: Preteen
Ages 13 – 15: Jr. Teen
Ages 16 – 19: Teen
Ages 20 – 23: Jr. Miss
Ages 24 – 27: Miss
Ages 28 – 35: Sr. Miss
Ages 36+: Shooting Star

What are the skill areas?
The girls are required to participate in three skill areas:

Interview: The judges will ask the participant or their representative simple questions about themselves. The interview allows the participants to practice one-on-one communication and conversation skills.
Introduction: The participant or representative will state their name, age, and favorite things. (Example: My name is Susan, I am 15 years old, I love children and animals.) The introduction allows the participants to gain experience with public speaking and gives them the opportunity to show pride in their abilities.
Evening Wear: The participant will wear their favorite evening outfit and be escorted in front of the audience and judges. In their eveningwear, the participants have the opportunity to show their confidence through their body language and poise.
Talent Showcase: The participant will perform a talent routine of their choice (dancing, singing, reciting poetry, etc.) with a maximum length of 2 minutes. The Talent Showcase offers each participant the opportunity to show off her favorite talent and to strive for improvement during the process

How are the participants rewarded?
One representative in each age division will be selected as a queen to represent her state for the year. All participants will be crowned as princesses and will be awarded a trophy for their bravery and hard work. Medals are also awarded to the talent winners and runner-ups.

How do the judges determine who will be the queen for each division?
Each participant will be judged upon her ability to take the opportunities offered through the Miss Amazing pageant and to use them as tools for self-improvement. Each judge will be aware of each participant’s disability symptoms and will score the contestant in light of the given information and her performance.

Is there a cost required to participate?
The only cost for participants to enter is 5 cans of food and the total amount of canned items will be given to charity. For those attending the final show, a $10 donation will be needed for anyone other than the participant. All donations collected will be given to various organizations in the community.

Can boys with disabilities be involved with the Miss Amazing Pageant?
Absolutely! Boys have the opportunity to enroll in our escort program. They will have the opportunity to escort young ladies onto the stage during the eveningwear portion and will be awarded a medal during the final show.

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