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Our Representatives

Get to know the girls and women who currently represent our local chapter and advocate for issues that matter most to girls and women with disabilities nationwide.

Our Leadership Team

Amy Behrend

State Director

Brianna Hansen

State Director

Macy Suidinski

Director of Fundraising and Outreach

Libby Schulz


Libby Thomson-Ramlet

Co-Director of Participants

Kelly Frederickson

Co-Director of Participants

Rachel Youngell

Director of Buddies

Nicole Gast

Participant Coordinator

Kayla Hansford

Participant Coordinator

Grace Thomson

Buddy Coordinator

Abby Baumguart

Director of Parent Resources

Jillian Sesing

Director of Queens and Judges

Thank you to our generous sponsors.

Wisconsin Knights of Columbus
Bay Port Deca
Coldwell Banker TREG Foundation
Heartland Pizza Company