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Miss Amazing chapters are founded and managed by generous teams of volunteers. Learn more about how you can start a chapter in your community!
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Application Process


Read the Info Packet

Download and review the info packet for prospective directors below to gain a complete understanding of the responsibilities of Miss Amazing leadership teams.


Assemble a Team

Each team must include a state director, but the other team positions are up to you. Download and complete the Leadership Team Summary Form below. You will find suggested roles and responsibilities in that document.


Apply Online

Apply through the link below. Be prepared to attach a completed Leadership Team Summary Form.
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Complete Interviews

If your application advances to the next round, your leadership team will be prompted to schedule interviews (conducted via Google Hangouts).

Expanding Our Impact

In 2018, we set out on an ambitious mission to bring Miss Amazing Self-Advocacy Intensives to all 50 states by 2021. Explore the map below to see if you can apply to bring a Miss Amazing chapter to your state.

Target Area

Established Chapter

When I was 16, I found Miss Amazing and it gave me exactly what I needed at that time: a sense of purpose and a cause I could get behind. Six years later, it has given me so much more. No matter where life has taken me, I have always been able to fit Miss Amazing into the picture because of the passion I have for this organization. I’ve also developed organization, leadership, and planning skills that I have used in my everyday life, school, and in my career. The hours and hours of hard work are beyond worth it when you see the smiles and growth. It is truly amazing.
– Jade Strick, Wisconsin State Director
In the almost 2 years I have been director, I have gone from knowing less than 10 people in the whole state of Pennsylvania, to having a huge network of support around me. I also have greatly enhanced my leadership and organization skills and gained valuable experience that has helped me in growing in my career as a human service worker. The time I continuously put in to Miss Amazing throughout the year pays out in so many ways; in the smiles of the participants when a whole theater is cheering them on, in seeing friendships grow, and in so many other countless amazing ways.
– Amy Behrend, Pennsylvania State Director

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