Our Approach

Ensuring equal opportunities for girls with disabilities to build self-esteem will require engaging with every level of society to dismantle stereotypes and to open up pathways for personal growth.

Empower Personal Development

Equip girls and women with disabilities with practical tools to own their stories, build upon their strengths, and author their life plans.

Nurture Friendship & Community

Create opportunities for girls and women with disabilities to build meaningful relationships with their peers and empower parents, family members and support professionals to be effective allies.

Shift Perceptions

Engage students, employers, communities, and the media to address deeply-held values and attitudes that stigmatize disability.

Drive Systemic Change

Advocate for laws, policies, and services that make it possible for girls and women with disabilities to meet their basic needs and exercise personal autonomy.

Our Programs

Miss Amazing AMPLIFY

Miss Amazing AMPLIFY is an educational program that teaches self-advocacy skills to girls and women with disabilities ages 5+ in a fun environment with real stakes.

Miss Amazing ADVOCATE

Miss Amazing ADVOCATE is a leadership development program that empowers girls and women with disabilities to drive important changes at home and nationally.