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We draw inspiration from pageantry to teach vital self-advocacy skills, spark connections, and open up pathways to leadership.
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Miss Amazing AMPLIFY

Miss Amazing AMPLIFY is a circuit of local events that teach self-advocacy skills to girls and women with disabilities ages 5+ in a fun environment with real stakes. Your local event will be 1-2 days and include some arrangement of the following activities:

The Skill Areas

The areas of participation at a Miss Amazing event are known as our “skill areas”. The goal of every skill area is to offer a platform for participants to share their stories and to grow as self-advocates.
During this one-on-one conversation with the judges, Miss Amazing participants exercise communication skills that could help them land their dream job or make a new friend.
Passion Presentation
The passion presentation is a 90 second performance or presentation that showcases the pastime or hobby that you are most passionate about! Whether you love teaching people about recycling or you have a passion for tap dancing, this is your time to share your passions with others.
The microphone is yours! During her introduction, each participant shares her interests, strengths, and ambitions with the audience. This skill area offers participants a chance to exercise public speaking skills and to share their stories with members of the community.

Who Participates?

Girls and women ages 5 and older who have an IEP, IPP, 504 plan, SSI, or a physician’s document proving disability are eligible to participate in Miss Amazing.

Ages 5-9

The Rising Star division is for girls ages 5 to 9 who want an introductory experience to Miss Amazing. Rising Stars typically check-in shortly before the final show and participate in passion presentations and introduction only.

Ages 10-35

Girls and women ages 10-35 participate in all Miss Amazing activities, including the three skill areas. The participant with the highest average score in each of the age divisions outlined below will participate in the ADVOCATE program for one year and will attend the National Miss Amazing Summit.

Preteen 10-12

Jr. Miss: 20-23

Jr. Teen: 13-15

Miss: 24-27

Teen: 16-19

Sr. Miss: 28-35


Ages 36+

The Shooting Star division offers women ages 36 and older an opportunity for life-long personal growth and an ever-expanding network of friends. Shooting Stars participate in all skill areas, but they are not evaluated by judges.

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