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Crowned in Los Angeles at National Miss Amazing 2015, Miss Amazing’s national representatives are living proof that girls and women with disabilities can and do accomplish greatness.

Brianna Heim

2015 National Miss Amazing Preteen
Brianna is a spunky 11-year-old that is determined to embark on any adventure that comes her way. That includes paragliding, skiing, and swimming! Her other hobbies include playing with friends, dancing, and cheering. She loves hockey and aspires to be a zamboni driver for the Utah Grizzlies some day! For now, she shows her love of pets by volunteering with animal-related causes in her area.

Madeline Cartwright

2015 National Miss Amazing Jr. Teen
Madeline is truly a performer at heart. A fifteen-year-old from Rhode Island, she has been in several plays and loves singing, acting, and playing the flute! She also stays active by swimming and playing on the local softball team. Madeline would love to be a mentor for children with special needs and is also looking into cosmetology.

Nicole Minassian

2015 National Miss Amazing Teen
If you look up “ambition” in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of Nicole right next to the definition. This twenty-year-old is a college student that is well on her way to becoming an advocate and political activist for people with disabilities. She is also interested in becoming an anthropology professor pioneering in rare genetic disease research. On top of it all, Nicole still finds time to relax, practice photography, sing in the choir, read, go out with friends, and volunteer.

Tiffani Johsnon

2015 National Miss Amazing Jr. Miss
Tiffani is a funny, thoughtful, and loving young lady that loves hugs and to make others feel great about themselves. This active, social butterfly is 22-years-old and loves music, singing, dancing, bowling, basketball, board games, vacations, and volunteering. Tiffani loves her family more than anything would love to own a home and have a baby someday.

Danielle Thoe

2015 National Miss Amazing Miss
Danielle is known for making a lasting impression on everyone she meets, most likely for her willingness to try anything and her commitment to complimenting others. She’s an active twenty-six-year-old who loves dancing, cheerleading, biking, swimming, kneeboarding, and volunteering at Headstart and the food pantry. She is a proud employee, daughter, and friend who dreams of being a model someday.

Krystal Zanel

2015 National Miss Amazing Sr. Miss
Krystal is a fabulous woman and wonderful role model. This thirty-year-old from sunny California aspires to obtain a master degree in child development with an emphasis in special needs and encourages others to achieve their dreams any chance she gets. In her free time, Krystal loves watching movies, playing sports, going out with friends, spending time with her family, and working with children.



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