Celebrating Abilities
Since 2007

Miss Amazing has a humble, grassroots foundation
that continues to keep us grounded and
connected to our communities.

It Began with a Dream

Miss Amazing started in Omaha, NE with a handful of volunteers and a thirteen-year-old girl with a dream.

Miss Amazing founder,  Jordan Somer, was just another kid who loved volunteering with the Special Olympics. So, when she developed an urge to create something for her community, she knew that she wanted to create something for the Special Olympics athletes.

It was this combination of creativity and passion that gave birth to a new program for girls and women with disabilities. Jordan took the premise of pageantry, a vehicle that she had always used to expand her potential, and made it accessible and empowering for the female athletes that she had met at the Special Olympics. Just a few months after the idea’s conception, she held the first Miss Amazing Pageant in November of 2007.  This inaugural event was a pure and powerful celebration of abilities that continues to be a reference point for our mission today.

The first Miss Amazing event is held in Omaha, Nebraska

Miss Amazing gains major funding and nationwide exposure through the Teen Nick HALO Awards

Miss Amazing programs are held in 10 states

The first National Miss Amazing event unites 83 Miss Amazing representatives from across the country

Miss Amazing programs are held in 30 states

The Dream Continues

Since our initial expansion, Miss Amazing has grown into the nation’s leading event circuit dedicated to providing opportunities for girls and women with disabilities to reach their fullest potential. Most importantly, with help from an expansive network of supporters, Miss Amazing has become so much more than a pageant. We are a community. We are a culture of celebration and empowerment. Miss Amazing is a movement created by a collective desire to acknowledge the beauty and value within all people.