Miss Amazing
Makes Headlines


Girls and women with disabilities have every ability to accomplish amazing things. Miss Amazing shines a spotlight on those accomplishments.

“Tiffani Johnson, 22, has grown up longing to win a beauty contest. But having Down’s Syndrome meant she wasn’t able to compete on a level playing field until the Miss Amazing pageant began.”

The beauty pageant where looks don't matter – BBC News

“Every girl at the Miss Amazing pageant receives a crown because every girl to an extent in her own way is Miss Amazing…”

“Whatever your opinion of beauty pageants may be, you will find reason to celebrate the Miss Amazing Organization”

“The best part about Miss Amazing is that I get to meet new friends, I get to show people who I really am, and before that I was just really afraid to express my feelings.”

“A contest that encourages big dreams for women and girls with disabilities–Jordan Somer, creator and CEO of the Miss Amazing Pageant, talks with Craig Melvin about today’s Big Idea.”

“Miss Amazing is all about self-confidence, celebrating individuality, and giving girls and women with disabilities the change to shine.”

“Miss Amazing de-emphasizes individual, beauty-based competition in favor of a framework that supports individuals sharing and building their skills.”

“What keeps me going, what keeps me inspired, the girls who just completely transform, or have that nice moment to realize their abilities instead of their disabilities.”

more about Jordan’s amazing passion for her cause – it will inspire you.”