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Passion Presentation

Passion Presentation information is due on March 21 , 2024
The passion presentation is a 90 second performance or presentation that showcases the pastime or hobby that you are most passionate about! Whether you love teaching people about recycling or you have a passion for tap dancing, this is your time to share your passions with others. This form is where you will input all of the information for your passion presentation. This is due by March 14, 2024.

Participant Bio & Photos

Please fill the form out below for us to have the chance to showcase the participant a little more! The photos that you upload will be put in a collage that will be displayed before the final show!

Queen Shoutouts

Showcase your favorite participant with a special “Queen Shoutout” message in our program book! $20 for one shoutout, maximum of five per participant! So if Mom & Dad want to do their own shoutout and Grandma wants to do her own, that's 2 shoutouts for $40 Once we receive your request for a Queen Shoutout(s), we will send you an invoice to pay & to confirm everything is correct! Choose from 4 different designs, include your favorite photo and include a small message for your participant! Please note: The purchase of any Queen Shoutouts is NOT required! This is just an opportunity for the participant to have a special surprise in their program book! The shoutouts are due by March 14th.

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